Best of the Rest

Best of the Rest


Readers are eager to see Mercedes-Benz Stadium in person. Getty Images

New or heavily renovated sports facilities that opened/is opening this year of in 2018 that you are most eager to see in person:

Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United FC) 56%
Little Caesars Arena (Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Pistons) 19%
Notre Dame Stadium (Notre Dame football) 11%
SunTrust Park (Atlanta Braves) 8%
Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center (Milwaukee Bucks) 4%
Philips Arena (Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Dream) 2%
Colorado State Stadium (Colorado State football) 1%

Responses 688

Within five years, the Atlanta Falcons' value model ($2 hot dogs and sodas, for example) will be _________ in the sports facility industry:

Widely copied 38%
Still the exception 62%

Responses 691

The most vital sports facility renovation/new amenity teams should consider:

More affordable ticket options 26%
Better Wi-Fi 24%
More affordable food options 13%
Better public transportation options 10%
More social/standing areas 9%
More ticket options (such as Ballpark Pass) 7%
Behind the scenes/VIP access 5%
More plazas and other outside gathering areas 4%
More food options 1%
Bigger video boards 1%
Other 1%

Responses 694

Biggest threat to youth sports:

One-sport specialization/related expectations 31%
Injury concerns 23%
Cost of participation 21%
Time commitment 13%
Poor parental behavior 9%
Not sure 3%

Responses: 690

The FBI's investigation into college basketball will...

Result in dramatic changes to the game and NCAA 37%
Affect a number of coaches and ADs but not the system 63%

Responses: 697

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Your level of interest in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games compared to the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi:

Much less interested 16%
Somewhat less interested 36%
As interested 42%
Somewhat more interested 5%
Much more interested 1%

Responses: 687

If you were a member of the U.S. Supreme Court, how would you decide in the New Jersey gambling case scheduled for next spring?

Uphold the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) and ban most states from legal sports betting 19%
Overturn PASPA and allow states to determine legal sports betting 64%
Offer a narrow ruling that prompts congressional action 17%

Responses: 654

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How golf's TV ratings will affected by moving the PGA Championship to May and the Players Championship to March:

Major decrease 1%
Slight decrease 10%
No effect at all 59%
Slight increase 29%
Major increase 2%

Responses: 659

Number of youth sports played by your children:

1 16%
2 44%
3 30%
4 or more 9%

Responses: 270

Does your child play on a "travel" youth sports team?

Yes 19%
No 19%
N/A 63%

Responses: 680

Would you be/are you comfortable with your child playing tackle football?

Yes 31%
No 69%

Responses: 672

As Chris Spielman contends in his lawsuit against Ohio State, should schools pay former athletes for the use of the name and likeness?

Yes 30%
Yes, and current athletes too 43%
No 27%

Responses: 680

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Most troubling trend in college football:

Student-athlete compensation, or lack thereof 30%
Revenue disparities between schools and conferences 28%
Injuries/concussions 18%
Commercialization 11%
Slumping attendance 7%
Scheduling 4%
Other 2%

Responses: 691

Statement that most closely resembles your take on esports:

Incredible growth potential 37%
Cautious about growth potential 55%
It has peaked 8%

Responses: 688

Statement that most closely resembles your knowledge of esports

I follow it 38%
I don't understand it 30%
I ignore it 32%

Responses: 693