Buccaneers marketing chief Woods departs

Buccaneers marketing chief Woods departs

By Daniel Kaplan, Staff Writer


Tampa Bay Buccaneers marketing director George Woods resigned midway through the season and has been replaced by Jeff Ajluni, 35.

Leaving a defending Super Bowl champion so soon after the big victory is unusual, given that the sales job presumably would be made easier. But sources said Woods left for personal reasons. He could not be reached for comment.

The Bucs' director of marketing's main responsibility is selling sponsorships, or Pewter Partners, as the club calls them, a reference to one of the team's main colors. Luxury suite sales fall under another department.

Unlike other teams that have a variety of sponsor designations and ranks, the Bucs' 20 sponsors are all classified as Pewter.

Ajluni, who declined to comment, spent nine years with the Detroit Red Wings before coming to the Bucs four years ago. He began his new position in October.

— Daniel Kaplan


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