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Executive Placement Firm Witt/Kieffer Opening Sports Practice

Executive Placement Firm Witt/Kieffer Opening Sports Practice

By Tripp Mickle, Staff Writer


Witt/Kieffer, a 40-year old executive placement firm, is opening a sports practice that will focus on placing execs in non-profit organizations and athlete foundations. Witt/Kieffer consultants GREG SANTORE and SCOTT SETTE will head the practice. The duo sees the sports practice as an expansion on its current university work, which entails placing college presidents and provosts. Sette said, "The world of sports is growing exponentially and a lot of our clients are saying there's so much going on in sports that they need help navigating this world. We're reacting to that." Santore said that he has spoken to sports agents and attorneys who have said that athletes looking to start foundations often do not know how to set those organizations up. Santore: "We think it's a worthwhile investment to help them find the right person to start it from scratch. That's not to exclude friends, family, etc. It's just to help." The work will extend to professional sports team and league foundations, as well. There will be a team of a half dozen placement execs at Witt/Kieffer working on the effort.